Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Things . . .

Favorite Place To Eat In Oregon #3: Baldy’s Barbecue – Bend, OR.
*  Why? Best.barbecue.ever. Easy on the pocketbook. Plenty of leftovers.
*  Why Not? You’ll eat until you explode unless you have a lot of self control.
*  Best Bet: ½ Chicken / ½ rack of ribs.

Favorite Place To Eat In Oregon #2: Spaghetti Factory – Portland, OR.
*  Why? Easy on the pocketbook. Good food at a great price. I know this ain’t really a place for fine dining but I have so many great memories of taking my kids here for dinner, that it’s hard to not love it.
*  Why Not? Plan on a half hour wait – at least.
*  Best Bet: Managers favorite with ½ Mizithra Cheese & Brown Butter and the other half being whatever strikes your fancy.

Favorite Place To Eat In Oregon #3: The Cowboy Dinner Tree – Silver Lake, OR
*  Why? Hands down, bar none: Biggest.Steak.Ever! Easy on the pocketbook. Plenty of leftovers, probably for weeks to come. It’s “rustic” which almost rhymes with “crusty.”
*  Why Not? It’s in the middle of freakin’ nowhere! It’s “rustic” which almost rhymes with “crusty.” You’ll eat until you explode. Period.
*  Best Bet: You really only have two choices: A whole chicken or a 26-30 oz roast steak. After that, ya get what they serve you. AND make sure to call early to make your reservation! (And feel free to invite me to go with you! I’m always looking for an excuse!)

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Carla said...

What was the name of that little place we ate in Bend? You had eggs benedict and I had that strange wheat berry thing that I loved so much???? It was a little converted house...Tell me the name please???