Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Things . . .

1. Yesterday’s U.S. Open was won by, uh, let's see . . . Oh, who cares? It’s golf, for heck’s sake! They had the ball, then hit it away, chased after it and did it all over again. How dumb a game is that?

2. Wimbledon begins today! Oh, who cares? It’s tennis, for heck’s sake! A couple of doofuses hitting a ball back and forth. Pretty much like Ping Pong.  How dumb a game is that? (Excluding matches with future ex-wife Maria Sharapova, of course.)

3. The U.S. ends up in a draw with, uh, one of those “Slo” nations (that I can’t remember the name of) when a referee decided to disallow a goal as kind of a make up call for an earlier missed call or something like that . . . Oh, who cares? It’s soccer, for heck’s sake! A bunch of guys running around the “pitch” (or, as Randy Jackson calls it, “the pitch, dawg”) who, no matter how talented they might be, can’t seem to get the ball to go into the net more than once or twice a game. If basketball players can get the ball in a little, tiny, round net just a few inches bigger than the ball, dozens of times during a game, why can’t soccer players get it in the big, rectangular 8 X 24 foot net even more often? NFL goal posts are 10 X 18.5 feet and kickers can score from 40 – 50 yards away with 11 enormous, HGH-fueled guys racing towards them. Soccer players, not so much. How dumb a game is that?

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