Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Things . . .

Favorite Hangout Place in Oregon #3: The Bier Stein – Eugene, OR.
*  They may not have the biggest beer selection but it is definitely the BEST beer selection around.
*  Good food – mostly salads, soups and sandwiches.
*  The atmosphere is nothing spectacular but it’s still a great place to sit and shoot the breeze with friends.

Favorite Hangout Place in Oregon #2: Deschutes Public House – Portland, OR.
*  Consistently good beer - or even GREAT beer when they have The Abyss or Black Butte XXII on tap.
*  Much better than average pub food.
*  Cool interior and the walls open up in good weather to bring the outside in.

Favorite Hangout Place In Oregon #1: O’Kane’s Bar at McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School – Bend, OR.
*  Good beer.
*  Okay food.
*  In this case it is TOTALLY the atmosphere that makes this place. It’s a tiny little bar that can easily be missed. It’s in the back, behind the main pub, behind the parking lot and through the fence. Once you get there though, it’s like this magical place where people are gathered around fire pits, sipping their drinks and just talking. In the dark. In the freezing cold. Even in January. Sometimes even in the snow. My favorite!

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