Thursday, April 9, 2015

Buying an RV For My Dog

In recent years and I have rediscovered the joy of camping, hiking, backpacking and being in the great outdoors. My dog, Rudy, loves it too.

However, for reasons I cannot figure out she seems to hate being in a tent. She also doesn't like sitting or laying down on bare ground. When we get back to the campground after a day of hiking she invariably wants to climb up into the car to nap. And she's perfectly satisfied to stay there until we head out on our next adventure.

When it's time for bed I open the car door and tell her it's time to go into the tent. She usually doesn't move. So I gently take her by the collar and pull her out of the car. At that point usually growls. But in the end she grudgingly follows me into the tent.

I'm at a point my life where I want to spend more time in the outdoors. To hike more, camp more and to travel. And I want Rudy to enjoy those things with me.

So I've decided to buy an RV. It'll give us a place to hang out, when we're not off hiking somewhere, that will be comfortable for both of us. 

I take delivery on my PleasureWay Plateau XL this Saturday.
I could not be more excited! And neither could Rudy.

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