Saturday, June 27, 2015


I decided to try and beat the heat of 100 degree days in the Willamette Valley by heading up the McKenzie River Highway into the Cascade foothills. It was still too dang hot but being along the river and under some big trees helped. 

Paradise Campground is one of my favorites. Many of the campsites are right on the McKenzie River and even those that aren't are still within earshot. And the fan in my camper went a long way in keeping things from boiling over inside. 

Rudy and I got settled in about 6:00 PM Friday and beer and a book helped us to relax.  Okay, helped me to relax anyway. 

Things were great until the rumbling of a thunderstorm began. Rudy is not a fan. We retreated to the MoFo where she seemed to feel a bit safer. At least until a huge thunderclap hit right overhead. After that she did not leave my side for a long time. Thankfully it was all over within an hour or two. 

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