Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Have I Done?

So, after searching and researching for the past several months I put a deposit down on an RV today.  I could not be more excited or sick to my stomach!

My research led me to conclude that a Class B Mercedes Sprinter Van was my best choice.  I had narrowed things down to the Leisure Travel Free Spirit SS or the Winnebago Era 70C, with the latter being my top pick.

After having been to a couple of RV shows, I was waiting to make my final decision until after attending one more RV show in Portland.  (I had done PLENTY of additional research - including renting a PleasureWay Plateau FL for a long 4-day weekend in February.)

I went to the RV show Friday afternoon.  My daughter was kind enough to go with me.  While I know she had her fill of RVs, it was very helpful to have her there!  We looked at lots of different Class B Mercedes Sprinter Vans, including the Winnebago Era 70C.  Although I had spent a lot of time researching them - especially the 70C - I discovered some new things I needed to consider more carefully.

That led us to look at a few Class B+ Mercedes Sprinter vans, including the Leisure Travel Unity and the PleasureWay Plateau XL. As the afternoon (and my daughter's patience) wore on, I kept coming back the Class B+ units.  They offered some additional flexibility that I realized I might appreciate.

I left having decided to head out to the dealer the next day to test drive a Plateau XL they had on their lot.  The next morning I took my test drive and was still impressed but also decided that the difference in price was going to be a barrier.  The sales person confirmed my fears.

While this rig has some very nice features the Class B units don't have, it also fell short of some of the other rigs I had looked at.  I spent time comparing them and eventually concluded the Plateau XL had the edge.  (Not in small part due to the bed.)

Today I had a call from the sales person with an offer that was a couple of thousand above my upper limit.  I thanked him for his time but said it was just out of my reach.  He called back an hour or so later and said they would meet my price.  (There are lots more details here that I may go into at another time.)

Bottom line, I put a deposit down to hold the unit which I should take possession of in the next couple of weeks.

I could not be more excited.  Or sick to my stomach!

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