Thursday, December 15, 2005

Misquoting Jesus

The other night I was listening to the NPR show, Fresh Air and caught an interview with Bart Ehrman, the author of Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. For thbose of us who belive in the inerrancy of scripture, this is interesting stuff. One of my favorite sites, The Revealer, has a quick synopsis of the interview AND a link to the NPR site where you can listent to the audio. Check it out!

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Dan said...

Hello, Peter
I followed the links and listened to the interviw. You say you find it interesting, but I'm not sure what you make of it. As someone who (at present) isn't even sure he believes any of this stuff, Ehrman certainly chooses at the end of the show to place a strong emphasis on the discrepancies and differing emphases of various authors of scipture, as though there weren't some pretty important areas of common ground.

Aside from that, though, most of it is pretty old stuff and accepted by most N.T. scholars, including many conservative scholars like the late F.F. Bruce. I think that, for most Christians, it is the original versions of the canonical books that really count, so (with the wealth of manuscripts that were discovered in the last 200 years) we try to extablish as best we can what those manuscripts said. For that reason, as wonderful as the "woman taken in adultery" story is, I've never preached it and probably never will. I remember well the late Bruce Metzger, the editor of the United Bible Society Greek New Testament, speaking about these issues (textual criticism) in a guest lecture at my seminary 20 yrs. ago, and I use his commentary on the Greek New Testament, which cover these kinds of issues on almost a vere-by-verse level. As someone who professes scripture to be inerrant, what do you think of it all?