Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cool Yule / Cool Cal

Imagine my suprise when I came across this column by Cal Thomas and found that I actually agreed with him! He starts off with the following:

I have never understood why so many Christians feel the need to see and hear "Merry Christmas" proclaimed to them at stores by people who may not believe its central message. While TV personalities, junk mail letters and some of the ordained bemoan the increasing secularization of culture; perhaps some teaching might be helpful from the One in whose behalf they claim to speak.

Jesus - the real one, not the Republican-conservative-Democrat-liberal one made in the image of today's fractured political culture - said His kingdom is not of this world. Why, then, are so many who claim to speak for Him demanding that this earthly kingdom celebrate Him and His Kingdom?

For reasons I will never undertand, too many Christians feel that America is going to hell in a handbasket all because copies of the Ten Commandments aren't posted in every public place in the country, kids can't get on the PA system of their school and pray and that Merry Christmas isn't shouted from the rooftops of every shopping mall in the United States. None of those things have a damn thing to do with Christians being able to freely live out their faith, let alone reaching others with the Good News of Jesus.

On the other hand, how about this novel idea? Let's live according to the precepts outlined in the Ten Commandments, pray for others in the quiet of our hearts and take opportunities to share the message of Easter - instead of wallowing in the crassness of Christmas.

And one more thing. Let's quit moaning about how persecuted Christians are just because someone wishes us "Happy Holiday!"

There. I feel better now . . .

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