Thursday, June 23, 2016

May Expenses

This is the roughest month so far but with good reason!

Utilities: This is the category I have not been able to get under control.  It's made up solely of my monthly cell phone bill and is driven largely by data usage. I have a 20 GB Verizon Plan and 25 GB T-Mobile Plan.  In May I couldn't find much T-Mobile access and ended up increasing my Verizon plan to 30 gigs. BUT I am making a change to reign this in quite a bit.  For $1,295 I have acquired a grandfathered Verizon Unlimited Data Plan that will run me $44.95 a month. This will enable me to reduce or eliminate my other plans. Once everything is set up and in place, I think my monthly expense will be between $150 and $200 a month.  The one time $1,295 is almost exactly the amount I am over budget this month.

Travel:  At $461 this was a little over budget but not as bad as last month. This includes things like maintenance & repairs, propane, insurance and a storage unit I have as well.

Food:  This was a tough category in May and I'm not sure why.  I spent $512 for groceries, which is more than $200 over budget.  That's the most it's ever been.  The good news is that I am not too far over on dining out expense, which I thought might be a tough one for me.

Camping: My highest month so far ($302) but I knew that as summer came I would be spending more time in campgrounds.  However, YTD I've spent only $1,069 which is an average of $213.80 per month or $7.03 per night. This is definitely gonna keep increasing through the summer months as I visit some national parks but I expect to still come in way under my annual budget of $6,300.

Fuel: Gas prices continue to rise bit by bit but are still lower than what I budgeted.  That plus driving fewer miles per month than I expected have kept me under budget.

The basic details are below!

Dining Out$200$220-$20
Pet Care$25$9+$16
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