Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April Expenses

Another month of being below budget!  

Travel:  At $632 this was $215 over budget this month, primarily due to a couple of big ticket items.  I spent $55 to replace my Millennium Falcon rug, which was looking pretty decrepit.  The biggest expenditure was for a water purifier.  I already use a water filter when filling the fresh water tank but this nice device purifies it as well. It's about the size of a Brita water filter but does even more to make not so good water pretty damn great!

Camping: My lowest month so far - only $125 spent for camping in April.  YTD I've spent $767 which is an average of only $6.34 per night.  (Boondocking is the shit!)  This is definitely gonna increase during the summer months as I plan to visit even more National Parks.

Fuel: Gas prices have risen over the past couple of months but still way lower than the $4.00 per gallon I had projected when I put the budget together.  That plus not driving quite as much as I expected have helped keep this cost down.

Utilities: This is solely my monthly cell phone expense and is driven largely by data usage. I have a 20 GB Verizon Plan and 25 GB T-Mobile Plan.  I spend more than budgeted and could spend even more cuz I'm a total internet junkie.

Pet Care$25$43-$18
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