Sunday, August 23, 2015

South Beach Campground

On Friday morning Rudy and I headed out from our perfect spot on the Hoh Rver and went south on Highway 101. I really wanted to be able to stay at Klaloch Campground but have come to realize that if you want to stay there during the summer, you really need to make reservations months in advance. And I hadn't. 

South Beach Campground is a nearby National Park Campground that is available on a first come, first served basis. I thought that MAYBE if I got there early enough, I might be able to claim a spot for the weekend. 

We got there around 11:30 AM and immediately saw two signs that said "Campground Full." The reservations board also showed that every site was occupied. I drove through anyway and saw a few sites that appeared to be open and took one that, while not in the front row overlooking the beach, still seemed to have a great view. 

    The view from #15

I walked back up to the reservation board just as the park ranger was updating the board. She said that if I had found a spot that appeared to be open (which I had) then to come back in about 15 minutes to see if it was actually available. I got lucky and snagged it for two nights! 

    Sunset the first night

Unlike many places in the ONP, dogs can hang out on this beach - as long as they are on a leash. On the first day Rudy and I walked north on the beach for a couple of miles. On the second day we walked south all the way to the Queets River - about three miles away. And because no one was around, Rudy was off leash just about the entire time!

    Hike down to the Queets River

While the campground is pretty basic (no water, no hookups and all gravel) it redeems itself with it's view of the Pacific Ocean. And the sunsets each night were amazing! 

    Sunset on the second night

It was such a nice spot that I decided to stay a third night!

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