Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rain Forest Resort

I spent my last couple of days in the Olympic National Park on Lake Quinault.  Technically I was just outside the park but I could see if from where I was staying at the Rain Forest Resort. This place was a quiet, relaxing spot to spend a couple of days!

    A bit of the grounds at Rain Forest Resort

As RV parks go, I liked this one a lot.  It was nice to have water and power for a couple of days and the view of the lake was outstanding!

    First night's sunset

Rudy and I hiked a couple of nearby trails and kayaked across the lake to the mouth of the Quinault River.  With the exception of getting caught on a sand bar for a bit, my first kayaking experience was a success!  (And thanks to some dang nice fellow RVers for letting me borrow a kayak!)

    Evidence that Rudy hiked with me

Every night many of the guests set up their chairs with a good view of the lake and the sunset.  On my second night, as I was walking back back to my RV, a fellow RVer asked me if we'd gotten the sun "all tucked in for the night."  I assured him we had.

    Second night's sunset

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