Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 2

I slept well. The bed in this RV is plenty comfortable. And while it got colder in the RV than it does in my apartment, I like that. Rudy, on the other hand, was cold enough that she kind of squirmed her way under the covers!

(My view out the window ths morning.)

I realized just how much of a glamper I am this morning when I could not wait to see if my Keurig worked or not. It pulls 1,500 watts which seems like a lot to me. The good news is that it works just like it does at home! Having a decent (if not great) cup of coffee in the morning is important!

After some oatmeal for breakfast Rudy and I headed out on a short hike to Woahink Lake. I think we hit it just about right as the clouds had burned off and the sun was sparkling in the lake. 

(This is as much of a swim as Rudy will usually take!)

Then it was back to camp to pack up and head out to out next destination. My RV newbie paranoia set in as I checked and rechecked everything. On the way out I stopped at the dump station. Not that my tanks were full but I want the practice. I'll spare you the details but it was a pretty easy process. 

We headed north on 101. Based on the suggestion of a friend I thought I might stay at the Sea Perch RV Park near Yachats. It sits on a bluff overlooking the ocean and is pretty highly rated. However, when I emailed them I found out that Class Bs are not welcome. They want motor homes not vans, apparently. Once again rich white folks exert their snobbery! 

So, we headed for Carl G. Washburne State Park instead. It was pretty full but after a bit of scouting around I found a good spot and got hooked up!

There is a short half mile path to the beach from here so Rudy and I decided to check it out. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was perfect for some cool shots. 

Rudy had a blast at the beach - as always - and spent most of the time running!

After a lengthy mile long hike (sarcasm intended) it was time for a beer! It was so great to sit in the sun, read a book and sip on a beverage. 

This campground is just secluded enough that I had no cell signal and no TV reception. The kitchen worked well for making a quick stir fry meal and after cleaning up, my only real options were to read or play a game on my iPad. I did both and was in bed by 10:00 PM..

All in all, another great day. 

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