Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Things . . .

1. So, it looks like it will be John Kitzhaber (D-MD) vs. Chris Dudley (R-Offensive / Defensive) in the governor’s race. While I am tempted to call this “the doctor vs. the dunker” I don’t really remember Dudley’s basketball repertoire including many dunks. And maybe it’s just me but isn’t his biggest post NBA claim to fame that he was Kevin Love’s personal coach when K-Love was in high school?

2. It also looks like you can’t go home again. Senator Arlen Specter (D, R, D, - Not Sure) got the smack down in yesterday’s Pennsylvania primary after something like 32 years in the Senate. Actually it appears it wasn’t so much the switch of party affiliation that did him in as much as the strong anti-incumbent sentiment in the country. This reminds me, I have always thought term limits are stupid because we can always impose term limits just by not voting for dweebs than no longer deserve to be in office. Looks like that’s how voters in Pennsylvania felt yesterday.

3. Blanche Lincoln (In the D-ARK) didn’t get dumped by voters exactly but she didn’t win a majority so now she’s in a runoff against Arkansas’ Lt. Governor, Bill Halter. According to most political observers, she didn’t win the primary because A) she’s the incumbent, B) opponents of banking reform have been working hard to defeat her OR C) HER NAME IS BLANCHE!
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