Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, I've decided to come out. (No, I'm not gay!) I've been wavering between Barack Obama and John McCain all year. (With a little love for John Edwards along the way.) but the more I listen to Obama, the more impressed I am. And the more he runs up against tough situations, the more impressed I am. He continues to take the high road in every situation and has missed more than a few opportunities to take cheap shots at opponents. He seems to be a person with genuine integrity and I think he has proven himself as the most intelligent and well spoken candidate in the race.

I could care less if others have more "experience." I would much rather have someone with integrity, who will do what he says, rather than a buttload of experience. I could also care less about the political positions of the candidates. It has always struck me as mostly hot air anyway.

I know this sounds weird but I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for someone like Obama. Someone with integrity. Someone who can inspire. Someone who won't just say what he thinks we all want to hear. Someone who will make every effort to do what he says. And someone who's not a dumbass.

I'm cynical enough to be constantly worried that the other shoe is gonna drop and we'll find out that he and Elliot Spitzer both love the hookers. Or that he took money in exchange for a crucial vote. Or that he cheated on his college entrance exams. Or something else. Until then, I'm in his corner.

How he has dealt with the criticism he's received about remarks his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has made is just one more piece of evidence that he's the right guy for the job. He didn't whine, bitch or moan. More importantly he didn't throw his old friend under the bus. On top of that, he wrote the whole, dang inspiring speech himself!

And, oh yeah, I have one more thing to do this weekend . . .
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