Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funniest Bank Robber Name Ever!

I ran across a cooler than normal bank robbery story on Oregon Live today. Even cooler is the snarky way the reporter wrote the story. Pretty funny all the way around, so here's the whole thing . . .

We are no bank robbery experts here at The Oregonian's Northwest Headlines desk. And yet we bow at what might be the best moniker ever for a series of connected bank robberies, namely the ‘F-Bomb Bandit.’"

Seattle police investigators arrested three potty-mouthed teens, including a 16-year-old girl, in connection with recent heists around Puget Sound that shared one common element: a bank robbery note that ordered the teller to "give me the (bleeping) money." (One deeply hopes the note did not contain misspellings.)

The Seattle Times put two heavy-hitting reporters on the story of Shennell Kennebrew and other alleged members of the F-bomb crew. Check out their story:

When Shennell Kennebrew's father recognized his daughter's image in a television news report on the prolific foul-mouthed bank robber dubbed the "F-Bomb Bandit," he urged her to turn herself in, Seattle police said.

But he says the 16-year-old girl laughed at him.

Not long afterward, police, acting on tips from two other people who saw the same news report, arrested Kennebrew at her South Seattle home March 2. Police say she was dressed in a black North Face jacket identical to one worn by the suspect in a Feb. 16 bank robbery in Renton.

By the time Jamel Kennebrew arrived at Seattle police headquarters, his daughter was already being questioned in the string of bank robberies between Jan. 11 and Feb. 24. He told detectives he had confronted the girl only to be rebuffed, according to charging documents filed earlier this week in King County Superior Court.

“Shennell Kennebrew and three others, including two other teens, now face charges in connection with four armed robberies in Seattle, Kent and Renton that police said netted just under $11,400.

And I hope you took note of the fantastic parenting skills mentioned in this story . . .

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