Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Olympics - Early Observations

So, the Winter Olympics are in full swing and here are a couple of early observations:

1. I have added gold medal winner Hannah Kearney to my list of future ex-wives because she wore a Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston Red Sox outfielder and Madras Oregon native) t-shirt to the opening ceremony under her Olympic gear. This in spite of the fact that she competes in a judged event, which violates my "What Constitutes a Sport?" standards.

2. This may go down as the worst run Olympics ever. The Olympic flame thingy didn't work right at the opening ceremonies. Events have been delayed because of lack of snow. The zambonis at the speed skating oval ain't icing right - all three of them. And the luge course apparently should not be used by mere mortals.

3. NBC drives me nuts by holding off on broadcasting the big events until prime time. Not because I all too often find out the results before then BUT even when I don't, I can usually figure them out. For example, on Saturday, when they showed Apollo Anton Ohno's race before going out to the moguls event I knew it must have meant Ohno didn't get a gold medal and that future ex-wife Kearney had. Had Ohno gotten gold, that race would certainly have been the last thing of the night.

4. Lindsay Vonn is not unattractive. Or Gretchen Bleiler, for that matter. But that one figure skater with the clown eyebrows - yikes! (And for those of you more interested in male competitors, I invite you to submit your own observations because, based on my sexual orientation, I am unable to judge your team properly.)

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