Friday, October 9, 2009

Stock Market Update: Friday, October 9, 2009

What crummy day. Once again I lost out on my bid to win the Nobel Peace Prize to some new guy with no experience. Then I hear that NASA flew a rocket into the Moon - on purpose! That really doesn't five me that good, "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" feeling! So, I've decided to take refuge in the Rockies for a week or so until things cool down.

From the "This Kind of Publicity We Don't Need" department comes this story about a woman who blames Bank of America for her husband's death! She “blamed the stress and anxiety caused by Bank of America's unresponsiveness to their repeated efforts to get a (mortgage) loan modification. “I hold you responsible for killing my husband," she told them. She is still fighting to hold onto her house."

As far as the market is concerned, it was another good day with the Dow climbing by 78.07 and closing at 9864.94. Who knows, it might even creep up over 10,000 while I'm gone. (And I plan to take full credit for it when it does!) U.S. Bank stock ended the week strong as well, closing at just under $23 a share.
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