Monday, June 27, 2005

Benny Hinn Is a Big Fat Con Artist

I hate televangelists in general and Benny Hinn in particular. He fakes healings. He bilks people out of their money. He lives a lavish and outrageous lifestyle. His theology stinks. And if he really can heal people (and he can't) how come he can't heal his own dumbass hair? Worst of all, he does it all in the name of Jesus.

Here are a few of the documented excesses of this weaselly sleazeball:

1. Hinn's salary is upwards of one million a year
2. He owns a $10 million dollar mansion (bought by the ministry).
3. He has a Gulfstream jet with $1.5 million in annual maintenance costs.
3. Two Mercedes valued at $80,000 each
4. Expenses for layovers between Crusades at locations such as Hawaii and Milan costing from $900 to almost $3,000 for one night. 5. Receipts showed that Hinn received $25,000 in petty cash for a Crusade that was 30 minutes from his home.
6. Other receipts showing his daughter received $1,300 in petty cash and her boyfriend getting $2,550 for babysitting.

Here's a story from the BBC that details some recent outrageous behavior that has gotten Hinn in a Nigerian money row.

If you want to know more about Hinn, check out this article from the folks at

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:| raven |: said...

i really hate when i see things like this .. a la Jim Baker ... and i do not believe in the *healing* thing period.

hard for people to take Christianity serious when you have this kind of greed going on ....

he is a hypocrite ....