Thursday, November 22, 2018

I’m thankful for... . My experiences living as a nomad. The wonderful, fun, caring, giving friends I have met while being a nomad; especially their kindness in letting an old man, who could die at any moment, hang with them. #Xscapers Getting to fulfill a lifelong dream of watching a launch at Cape Canaveral - totally by accident. Being nuts enough to take the MoFo to New York City - even if it took me six hours to go only 72 miles while trying to get out of the city. Being nuts enough to wait in line for seven hours for a $229, sixth row, center ticket to Hamilton. All the great beer in the world. #craftbeer Having fun conversations with randos in obscure towns while drinking beer. The crazy great heroes of the civil rights movement that I got to know better while spending a few weeks traveling through the south earlier this year. #GoodTrouble The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Crack Pie. Swedish Apple Pie! (Praise be to Grammie and Elizabeth.) Discovering weed this past year. Shocking friends and family by saying I discovered weed this past year. Jesus. Shocking friends and family by mentioning Weed and Jesus right after each other. Journalists. Robert Mueller. Future ex-wife Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (Is that creepy?) The bravery of Christine Blasey Ford. #BelieveWomen Getting a close-up glimpse of local politics and having a bit of renewed hope for all of us. My brother and his family, who are my favorite set of conversationalists. Rudy not jumping to her death yet, even though she is 15 1/2 and has gotta be way tired of living in a van down by the river with an old man who could die at any moment. Elizabeth, Jake and Jeremy (and Jeremiah, Rachel and Cassie) who are gracious enough to love me and let me visit from time to time - as long as I keep my political rants to myself. And Gracin and Lucas - cuz being a grandpa is The Shit! . #rvlife #fulltimerv #nomad #solotravel #homeiswhereyouparkit #wanderlust

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