Monday, October 26, 2015

North Coast Brewing

It's been a while since I've posted much of an update but today is my birthday and something very cool happened that I wanted to share. 

As you may know, I love craft beer! LOVE.IT! And now that I am living full time on the road I am determined to visit lots of breweries on my travels. What happened today confirmed the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin that says: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

After a boring stay near "lovely" Garberville, CA yesterday I set out for the Central Calforna coast today. I turned from the 101 onto Highway One for a windy drive that left me, as the driver, feeling a bit queasy.  

I had a couple of places I thought I might stay; none of which panned out. I ended up deciding to stay at a choice that wasn't even on my list: MacKerricher State Park. I parked the MoFo and took a nap because it just felt like nothing fun was in store for my birthday. 

When I woke up I decided to search for breweries along the Central California coast that I could visit over the days ahead. Low and behold, in nearby Fort Bragg was North Coast Brewing! While I'd heard of them I couldn't remember much about them. Since it was less than 5 miles away I decided to go there for dinner. 

I'd forgotten they are the brewers of two of my all time favorites: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and Brother Thelonius Belgian Style Abbey Ale! It definitely felt like a surprise birthday gift. 

I snagged a sampler tray and also had the best bowl of cioppino Ever. While they were out of Creme Brûlée for dessert they did have Brother Thelonious Brickle Ice Cream which was delicious. 

A surprisingly great meal with amazingly great beer at the actual brewery where it's made! 

Happy birthday to me!
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