Saturday, April 18, 2009

Les Sarnoff

Oh man, this is really sad.

THE voice of KINK radio, Les Sarnoff, has died after a relatively short battle with cancer.

Of all the things I have missed about living in the Salem / Portland area, not being able to listen to KINK - and especially Les - would be near the top of the list.

For the few years I thought about pursuing a career in radio, Les was my role model. Obviously I was not cut out for it but he was a natural.

He was also the emcee for the Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz for years. I attended a lot of them and always looked forward to hearing Les tell all his behind the scenes stories the Monday following the festival.

I'll also never forget how he used to send a tone over the air right before the 10:00 PM album preview so that those of us who planned to record the album could set our tape decks accordingly. (Don't tell the RIAA!)

If you want to read more about him, his career, his wife and even about their church, Peter Ames Carlin of The Oregonian wrote a great profile of Les earlier this month that is definitely worth a read.

He was a great radio personality and just an all around great guy.

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Elizabeth said...

oh man, that's so sad! I listened to him from day one, you made us! But he sure was great.