Monday, April 21, 2008

Perception IS NOT Reality

The argument that wearing a flag lapel pin somehow makes you more patriotic is nuts. That Barack Obama might not be fit to be President because he doesn't often wear one is even more nuts. On the other hand, I do believe that the fervency with which one believes that the wearing of a flag lapel pin reflects their patriotism is inversely related to their IQ. I also believe my particular perspective on this doesn't help much. Which leads me to comments Bob Schiefer of CBS News made yesterday. I think he sums up the issue well! Check it out . . .

Finally, today, I watched the ABC debate the other night when that question came up again about why Senator Obama doesn’t wear a flag pin in his lapel. Since no one asked me, here is my thought on all that. I think it’s a nice thing if people want to wear a flag on their lapel. But I believe it more important to keep the flag behind our lapel in our hearts. I feel the same way about wearing my religion on my sleeve. It just fits me better on the inside. When I go to see our local baseball team, I do wear my Washington Nationals baseball cap. But am I less a fan if don’t wear it to work? The truth is I have been known to wear a red, white and blue stars and stripes tie on the Fourth of July. But am I less patriotic when I trade it for my Santa Claus tie at Christmas? Patriotism is no more about signs or pins than religion is about reminding others how pious we think we are. No, the proof in these puddings is not the signs that we wear, but how we act. Wouldn’t that also be a better way to judge our presidential candidates than by the jewelry they wear?

via Crooks and Liars
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