Tuesday, February 6, 2018

“Shall we try to make a new rule of life . . . always try to be a little kinder than is necessary.” -J.M. Barrie Sometimes the road is kinda easy. Sometimes it’s hella rough. For me life on the road is a mix of emotions. I get to see crazy awesome places and pretty much every day is my own. But there are also roads to travel that might cause a bottle of beer to jump to it’s death from your refrigerator. I also really miss my family and wish I could be with them every damn day. On the other hand, they have cool lives of their own and don’t need me getting in the way every damn day. Something my Mom often told me is: “It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” One of the things that keeps me going are the friends, family - and even strangers - who have what counts on the inside. Way cool people who... * Like to invite you to camp with them and have some dang cool adventures together. And drink beer. * On a whim, have you over for a Saturday night spaghetti dinner in the desert. * Go out of their way to check in on you to make sure you’re not feeling left out. (Even when you’re not feeling the least bit left out but your introversion is compelling you to be done for the night.) * Invite you for a spontaneous Happy Hour and make you your first ever Pina Colada. * Like to spend time sitting outside talking about the Meaning of Life and other deep things I barely can articulate. * Call / text you just to check in. Even though I never return their graciousness. * Invite you over to play games even though you just met them. * Ask you to come visit when you’re near their home and let you drink their wine, take you to dinner (and don’t let you pay) and are okay with you and your dirty rig moochdocking at their house. To those of you who recognize yourself in one or more of these statements, thank you for being so wonderful. To those of you who are too humble to think I might be talking about you, thank you for demonstrating that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts!” And to all of you - including those who I may not have specifically described here but have also been wonderful - thank you for being “a little kinder than is necessary!”

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