Thursday, November 16, 2017

And now this... As I was driving on a narrow highway this morning, a guy in a Ford pickup, going the opposite direction, drifted far enough into my lane that our side view mirrors smacked each other. And then he kept on going, of course. I hope his truck looks worse but that’s hard to imagine. And if that weren’t enough (and don’t you think it should be?) something equally shitty (can you say “shitty on social media or do you have to use an asterisk in case little kids or people with sensitive dispositions see you using profanity) had happened not a half hour earlier. I had drained my freshwater tank in preparation for winterizing while I hang out in Oregon for the next month. As I turned the handle the whole valve broke off. So now my tank can’t hold water. These are just the latest in a series of RV issues that have plagued me recently. Pretty damn discouraging. I blame Trump. #rvlife #fulltimerv #nomad #solotraveler #homeiswhereyouparkit

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