Friday, July 15, 2016

June Expenses

Dining Out$200$343-$143
Pet Care$25$64-$39

June expenses came in just a shade over budget for the month.  I'm a little frustrated that I can't keep things more consistent from month to month, but overall I am pleased to be under budget for the year.

Camping: This is my biggest month so far this year but I expected to spend more in summer months because I planned to visit more national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Craters of the Moon in June).  Even still, I came in under budget and am averaging just $250 per month / $8 per night. Not bad!

Fuel: I drove more miles in June but gas prices are still a fair amount lower than I budgeted so I only spent about half of what I expected.

Groceries / Dining Out: This continues to be a bigger expense than I budgeted for.  Last month it was groceries that were way over budget.  This month it was dining out. I need to figure this one out!

Utilities: With my new unlimited data plan, this next month should look a lot better but June was huge.  I've cut my Verizon plan down to 4 GB and am planning to eliminate my T-Mobile plan all together.

Those are the highlights. We'll see what July brings . . .

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