Monday, November 2, 2015

October Expenses

Here's how my biggest variable expenses looked for October:

  • Camping: $393.40 ($131.60 under budget of $525)
  • Fuel: $306.87 ($226.13 under budget of $533)
  • Food: $531.62 ($31.62 OVER budget of $500)

As was the case last month, I spent some time off the road with my family.  That helps reduce the camping and fuel expense but it seems to increase the amount spent on food, especially due to dining out.

Bottom line though is that between the three categories I came in about $325 under budget for the month! (Even better  than September!)

Year to date I am roughly $700 under budget in these three categories; about 15% lower than I anticipated.  I'll take it!

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