Friday, October 30, 2015

Vista Point at the Golden Gate

After spending the last few days along the California coast from Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay, I came inland to Sebastapol. My gas tank was desperately low and finding diesel fuel along the coast was challenging! 

After spending a couple of hours talking beer with some fellow beer geeks at Lagunitas Brewing we headed to our hoped-for campsite for the night. Vista Point is a wayside overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. I had read that you could stay for up to 8 hours but with so many other spots along the way in California being so restrictive, I didn't get my hopes up. (And I didn't have a Plan B.)

It was a roughly 45 minute drive down 101 but just as I got to the spot where Vista Point is located my GPS had me going across the bridge! Just what an old man driving an RV at night wants to do, of course. Sheesh!

Once I got into San Francisco I pulled over to check the directions. What I realized is that the only exit to Vista Point is going northbound so you have to go over and back. Once I did finding It was easy. 

We found an area designated for RVs, parked the MoFo and got out toward wander around. The bridge and the bay are beautiful at night, of course. 

I also found a sign than confirmed the 8 hour limit so I knew we were relatively safe for the night - well, except for the fact that it was just after 8:00 PM and I didn't really plan on being out of there by 4:00 AM!

I set my alarm for 7:00 AM but didn't sleep all that well. The good news is that no one knocked at my door before the alarm went off. 

The sun was just coming up and Rudy and I ventured out to take in the view. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, except to say that by the time I left (at 9:00 AM) I'd decided that this was probably our most impressive camping spot yet. 

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