Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cape Disappointment State Park

I spent a couple of blustery days at Cape Disappointment State Park on the southwest corner of the state of Washington.  Actually, this is my last spot before moving on to Oregon.

I arrived Friday afternoon to my $41.50 per night spot (without hookups by the way).  The good news is that Rudy and I were right next to the beach.  The bad news is that Rudy and I were right next to the beach!  That meant she could bark at ever dang person - and dog - that walked by!

It was overcast but in spite of the sprinkles, Rudy and I enjoyed our beach walk.  However, when we got back to the MoFo it began to rain, which kinda killed my outdoor reading / pipe smoking time.  Plus there was was no cell service at my camp site.  Sheesh!

It rained through the night and by morning the winds began in earnest.  The forecast was for 30-40 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 70 mph.  That's a sure sign from God that I should do a little hiking.

I drove up to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center which is also the parking lot to trek up to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.  The Interpretive Center normally has a $5 entrance fee but it turns out they'd lost power so were not charging visitors who braved the weather to drop by.  It is situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean and DANG it was blowing hard up there!

As I headed back down to the MoFo I changed my plans and decided to check out the trail to the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment.  Lots of leaves, bushes and branches across the path, which added to the adventure!

The lighthouse is at the top and, holy crap, you could really feel the intensity of the storm from up there.  The wind was strong and steady and if the gusts I felt weren't at 70 mph, I think they were dang close!  It was a great experience and while I couldn't tour the lighthouse, I came away with an even better sense of why it's needed.  The weather was fierce!

Would I stay here again?  Maybe.  It's a cool spot but for over $40 a night (without hookups) it seems way too expensive.

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