Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Israel - Day One

Our flight arrived in Tel Aviv around 2:30 PM local time. By 4:30 PM we were on our bus and making our way to Jaffa, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

We headed to the traditional home of Simon the Tanner. (See Acts 9 if you want the backstory.) by "traditional" I mean that there is a sign above the door to this house that declares it to be this guy's home. The home is not the original structure and now it's a private residence. But it's in an area that archaeologists know was here 2,000 years ago and there is a freshwater well within the courtyard of this home that dates back to the correct time period. That's significant because a tanner would need access to lots of fresh water for there work. Might be the place. Might not..

From there we drove through Tel Aviv, along the coastal highway to get to our hotel. The Seasons Hotel is in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv. Nice place, right on the Mediterranean Sea. (How often do you get to stay on the Med, right?)

Dinner was a buffet of traditional foods, which is to say that I am still craving a Five Guys right now. Good food but it's all mushy and the favors aren't what I'm used to. I'm keeping an open mind though!

After dinner I walked along a path that seems to run for miles right along the beach. Too bad it was pitch dark but it was still a nice stroll. I walked as far as the city center of Netanya. Lots of kids playing. Lots of adults strolling. Lots of cats! Geez! The feral cat population here must be enormous!

And now it's off to bed . . .

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