Friday, September 17, 2010

Top Ten Cool/Weird (or Both) Memories from My Trip to the UK!

10. Spending every night in Edinburgh singing at the White Hart Inn (established 1516). Singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” with a pub full of Brits and Scots is a lot more fun than you would imagine!

9. Cruising through an Regent’s Canal at a speed of no more than 4 MPH with the woman at the wheel declaring, “We are now cruising at top speed!” All I can say is those NASCAR drivers don’t know what fear is!

8. Standing close enough to the stage at a performance of Comedy of Errors at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre so that you had to dodge the performer’s spit!

7. Crying at Les Miserables. Again. Even after seeing it three times. Cuz I’m a wuss.

6. Having to wait for another whole minute or so if you happened to miss the Tube! How inconvenient! Oh, and the frequent reminder to “Mind the Gap!”

5. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer. These puppies are in just about every restroom in the UK and not only do they cut down on paper waste they are the most efficient hand dryers I’ve ever seen! Ten seconds and you are done!

4. The vault the Crown Jewels are stored in! Holy crap! When you visit the Tower of London and go in to see the Crown Jewels you literally walk into a vault but IT IS HUGE – probably bigger than an average bank branch – and you wind your way through and out a vault door at the other end. And, uh, don’t even think about trying to steal a scepter or crown or something. Not gonna happen!

3. At the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, the royal guard band (or whatever the heck they’re called) played selections from Les Miserables and the James Bond theme! How cool is that?

2. Food and Drink! A $200 meal (per person) at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen. AND a $45 shot of 32 year old Ardbeg ’78 scotch at a restaurant in Edinburgh called Whiski. Not to mention my new favorite food: Haggis!

And The Number One Cool Memory from My Trip to the UK:

THIRTY (30) pubs in TEN (10) days!
(Beat that sissies!)

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