Friday, April 2, 2010

Three Things . . .

Three Things . . .

1. It's time once again for the two most disgusting candies in the history of candies: Cadbury Snot Creme Eggs and Peeps! The Snot Eggs are soooooo sick! You can't break one open and still want to eat it. Bleccch! And a recent FDA report stated that consumption of Peeps is the leading cause of cancer in America. Any decent parent would keep their kids a million miles away from these things.

2. A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook the other day asking what the relationship is between "bunnies" and Easter. I'm not totally certain about this answer, but my best guess is that bunnies are responsible for pushing the stone away from the entrance to Jesus tomb.

3. And how about this for a weird thing? Even though we've been led to believe that most Wall Streeters are probably pagans, the market is closed today because it's Good Friday.

So, with that, Happy Easter to all of you who are Christians, a Happy and Kosher Passover to all of you who are Jewish and a belated Happy Solstice to all of you pagan Wall Streeters.

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