Monday, March 8, 2010

And The Winner Is . . .

I love movies and I follow them pretty closely. What I don't do, apparently, is ever go see a movie. I only saw a handful of movies at the theater last year and, of the ten movies nominated for best picture this year, I only saw two (2) of them: Avatar and District 9. (And what does the fact that they're both sci-fi films say about me - Sheesh!)

Nevertheless, out of the 24 awards given out at last night's Oscar ceremony, I picked 16 of the winners correctly and five of the six top categories correctly as well. The only one I missed was Best Actress. I know pretty much everyone had future ex-wife Sandra Bullock in their office pools, but I thought the voters might go for Gabourey Sidibe. I know! I know! What was I smoking? Nothing. Well, maybe a cigar Sunday afternoon before the show, but that's it. And then, once I heard Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech, I felt ashamed I hadn't picked her. What she said about her Mom and the quick reference to her way too cool husband was pretty dang sweet.

A few other observations:

* And speaking of smoking something, was Jeff Bridges loopy or what?

* And was it just me or did George Clooney look like he wanted to punch the camera every time it turned on him? I can understand why he might have felt that way because every time they showed him, what I really wanted was for the camera to pan to his right to see the, uh, semi-attractive woman he brought as his plus one for the event. If I knew who she was, she'd be on my future ex-wives list for sure.

* Speaking of which, I'm adding 59 year old Kathryn Bigelow to that list too.

* And if you caught Mo'Nique's acceptance speech, be sure to catch Kenan Thompson's version from Weekend Update on SNL last Saturday. You should be able to find it on

I am probably most proud of picking four of the five feature / short films correctly:
* Animated Feature (Up)
* Animated Short (Logorama)
* Documentary Feature (The Cove)
* Documentary Short (Music By Prudence)
* And - the only one I missed - Live Action Short (The New Tenants).
Didn't see even ONE of the nominees in any of these categories. Just based my choices on what little I had read about them.

So, now I just gotta catch all these movies when they come out on some basic cable channel. Or never, as the case may be.

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