Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stock Market Update: Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm heading out for a few days to be with my son, Jeremy and his soon-to-be-wife, Cassie, and won't be back until next Tuesday. Why should you care? Only because it means the flood of crap I post here should subside for a while. Feel free to use the extra time to do something productive!

In lieu of any kind of uninformed market analysis today, I give you a story from the NY Post - written as only the Post can - about a new type of scam that I think any self respecting guy should feel too embarrassed to ever report.

A trio of sexy scammers ripped off dozens of single guys, picking them up at high-end nightclubs and pickpocketing their wallets and phones, cops said.

Often they took the men to ATMs and sidled up to them as they withdrew money, later using pinched bank cards and pilfered PIN codes to tap the victim's accounts. One hapless sap lost $5,000.

The seductive suspects lured in as many as 50 victims by offering to drive them home or to after-hour parties, according to police.

As they drove, they would slip their hands into the men's pockets and remove cash, cellphones and BlackBerrys.

The victims include an NYU professor and a powerhouse attorney.

The three women -- all in their 20s -- were busted Monday after allegedly swiping $1,600 from a lawyer they picked up near Lotus on West 14th Street.

Each has been charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

"They knew just who to look for," said one detective. "Pretty much drunk guys looking to get from point A to point B. They're in a good mood and figure, 'Let me take a ride.'"

The lawyer, a highly paid private equity attorney who lives on Sutton Place, said he met the woman as he sat on a curb smoking a cigarette at 4 a.m. at 423 W. 14th St.
"They drove up in a car with the windows down and said, 'Let's go to a party. Would you like to come with us?' " he said.

He got into their car and they drove to an ATM machine so he could get money.
Two of the suspects, Tiffany Rasberry, 21, and Barbara Labady, 22, followed and watched as he punched in his number and withdrew cash, he said.

"They started touching me to distract me," he said. "I didn't realize what was happening."

After the group got back in the car, a third defendant, Subhanna Beyah, 21, pretended to feel sick, he said. When the lawyer got out to let her exit, the three drove off.

That's when he realized they'd snatched his ATM card.

Within 30 minutes, they'd withdrawn $1,600 from his account. He called the cops, who searched the area, spotted the women, and arrested them.

One detective said the women viewed the scams as an alternative to turning tricks.
"They saw this as something where they tried to clean up their acts," he said.

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