Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stock Market Update: Thursday, September 10, 2009

Once again the predictions were wrong and the world did not end. That means I am faced with the task of having to recover my buried gold bullion and reinvesting my vast wealth. (All $37.50 worth!) Fortunately the market responded positively to the lack of death and destruction with the Dow jumping up more than 80 points today. U.S. Bank stock, on the other hand, was down a whopping 3 cents - but that just plays into my "buy low / sell even lower" strategy!

So, until Hal "You Lie" Lindsey and Tim "You Lie And You're Really Old" LaHaye and Nostra "You Lie And Your Dead" Damus and Mayan "You Lie And It's Not 2012 Yet" Calendar can get their predictions straight, I guess I will leave my money in the market and let it ride for a while. Or at least until universal, public option, single payer health care coverage becomes available. Because we all know that will bring the economy to it's knees and that only illegal immigrant death panels will have health coverage. Or something like that.
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