Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stock Market Update: Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As if requiring a thumbprint from a man with no arms weren't dumb enough, it turns out that a teller at Wachovia Bank (soon to be Wells Fargo) refused to accept checks for deposit because they were written with two different colors of ink! Yes, that's right. It might be fraudulent because the body of the check was in black ink and the signature was signed in blue ink.

But that's not what's behind the drop in our stock price today. Our performance over the past couple of days has been driven by serious concern regarding the anticipated performance of the Ducks in tomorrow's battle with the Boise State Smurfs. Fans and investors alike are worried that the Ducks may not be up to the task and that ESPN College Football analyst, Kirk Herbstreit, may be right: "The Ducks are the college football version of Paris Hilton. They’re famous for no reason, they look pretty and they got a rich daddy."

If only the Beavs were going up against Boise State. Victory would be assured.

And with that, let the trash-talking begin!
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