Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stock Market Update: Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A better day for the stock market today as most stocks rose a bit. Apparently Bret Favre's announcement that he WILL play for the Vikings this season didn't bring the financial markets to their knees.

I ran across an interesting article from Business Week titled, "Why Be an Ethical Company? They're Stronger and Last Longer." The entire article is worth a read but here's a couple of quotes I liked:

U.S. Bancorp and other companies mentioned in the article, "share is a laser-like focus on customer service and on honesty and transparency. This comes from their cultures."

"US Bancorp has always been a straight shooter with a particularly strong practice focused on high-net-worth individuals. Both have an extremely strong sense of responsibility to their customers. And it shows."

Pretty cool and a ringing endorsement for doing the right thing, consistently. All the time. Amen.

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