Monday, August 17, 2009

Stock Market Update: Friday August 14, 2009

I thought I'd try something new . . .

Most days I send out a stock update after the market closes, just to let my fellow bankers know where some of the major bank stocks ended the day. Since I have virtually no idea how the market works, I usually include my own hare-brained idea about why stocks might have gone up or down for the day. Here's the scoop for Friday, August 14th.

Just when you think Wall Street will never get it, one of the most familiar faces in the world of business comes along and blows you away. Everyone knows that, by far, the best business training you can get is by appearing on Donald Trump's Apprentice, right? I mean, if The Donald doesn't know everything there is to know, then what hope is there for this country? One of his most villainous memorable protégées, Omarosa Manigaultehdinejad, announced yesterday that she is entering an Ohio seminary to study for the ministry. She is scheduled to begin her studies at United Theological Seminary in Dayton on Monday. Some might say that her reputation for both good and bad will help her in ministry because people will relate to her. On the other hand, her "in your face style" might just tick off the Big Guy who reportedly has lightning bolts and other weapons of mass destruction at His disposal. Fortunately, in my experience, He seems like a pretty patient guy . . .

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