Friday, January 30, 2009

A Few Things I Used To Like But Now I Don't!

So, do you ever notice how, at one point in time, you might like something but a few weeks / months / years later, you realize you pretty much can't stand that thing any more? Often it's not cuz that thing changed but it's just that you got tired of it. For example, here's . . .

A Few Things I Used To Like But Now I Don't!

* Elton John
* Iron Chef America
* Michael Jordan
* Big Macs
* Dutch Bros.
* Cats
* Thomas Friedman
* Lincoln Logs
* Toyota Rav4
* Rotisserie Chickens from Costco
* Fishing
* Hunting
* Microsoft Outlook
* Dan Rather
* Chess
* Dr. Pepper
* Portland Trailblazers
* Lifesavers
* The Patriot Act
* The Tonight Show
* Hal Lindsey
* Spiderman movies
* Monopoly
* Waterchestnuts
* The smell of fumes from a diesel bus
* Taco Bell
* The Green Lantern
* Skiing
* Neapolitan ice cream
* The San Francisco Giants
* Chevy Chase
* Climbing trees
* Hot dogs
* Mommy Mommy jokes
* Yo Momma jokes
* Being a hermit

To name a few . . .


Carla said...

What about some things you used to dislike but now you have decided are not bad at all????

Unknown said...

I'm saving those for another list at another time!

Mr. Milliron said...

Can you diferrentiate between cats the animal, and Cats the musical? I'm concerned.