Sunday, January 18, 2009

3.6 Miles

That's how far it is from the Lincoln Memorial to Jake's house. After
the Inaugural Concert we walked past the Capitol (about 2/3rds of the
way back) and then stopped at pub called Tunnicliff's that we both like.

The concert was good but not great. The performers were great, and the
backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial was sweet but there were two major

1. THE SETUP. Although this was supposed to be open to everyone, they
set it up so that only the celebrities and rich donors could actually
see the stage. The rest of us were relegated to watching on the
jumbotrons or squinting through branches.

2. THE SOUND! The sound could and should have been GREAT! It was
way too quiet and muffled to boot. I suspect the volume was set for
the rich folks sitting up front. Had they played their cards right the
response from the crowd would have created at atmosphere no one would
ever forget. It was too low to hear what was being said and to quiet
to sing along. The organizers blew it!

That said Garth Brooks and U2 were the highlights. From my
perspective, at least.

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