Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You Get What They Pay For

Regardless of how you feel about the war, don't delude yourself into thinking that electing a Democrat will bring the troops home OR that electing a Republican will help us "stay the course" (whatever that means) in fighting terrorism. It ain't gonna happen.

Between the President and Congress (either now or after the 2008 election) there isn't enough agreement to make any kind of bold move in either direction. The proof is in the inability (or lack of courage) of the Democratic Congress to affect any kind of change in our current strategy (or lack thereof). Congress is gutless and the President is clueless.

The biggest reason is that we never elect the best people into office - just the ones who pony up the most dough. We're too damn lazy to look at what someone might really do if they were elected. Of if they have any real ideas. Or even if they have any leadership skills. Not that it would matter because your single informed vote ain't gonna offset all the uninformed votes of the rest of Americans who were to lazy to do their homework. We vote for our U.S. Presidents just like we voted for our student body presidents in high school.

So, when President Clinton takes office in January, 2009, expect more of the same. You get what you pay for - or what they pay for, at least. And don't come crying to me.

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