Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shut The Hell Up!

You gotta love street preachers! Having the courage of their convictions to boldly preach in places that don't wanna have anything to do with them. Throughout my college years they would come about once or twice a year to the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis. It was always kinda fun to listen to them discuss, er, argue, er, exchange verbal blows with those who didn't believe what they were preaching - or just didn't like how they were doing it.

According to the article, "Loud Enough To Raise The Dead" at SFGate.com, it sounds like residents of Berkeley, CA, object to not only the preaching but also the sound systems they use to ensure there message is not missed!

I can sympathize with local residents and businesses who don't like the loud and confrontational approach these guys take. I certainly wouldn't wanna live on their street but I'd take these guys any day over Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, Joyce Meyer or any number of loud-mouthed, God-embarrasing televangelists.

And besides, you can't stop the Word of God, baby!

(Thanks for the link Jake!)


Mr. Milliron said...

I think my favorite part about the article was that the people interviewed knew more about Jesus (who we are called to live and preach) than the evangelists: "look at Jesus, he didn't yell much". Good word, my un-bathed-pot-smoking-free-the-trees-loving amigo! I'd love to be on the other side of the street (I bet Jesus polls well on that side of the street!)

Beth said...

Last Christmas I was in Rockefeller Center with some fellow LVs and this guy stopped us for an interview. I said yes (it's NY, I was hoping for a David Letterman, or even slightly less exciting stint), and the guy starts asking q's about sin and Christianity, basically trying to back us into a corner about what awful sinners we are. Had he known how the conversation would go, I don't think he would have asked us. He probably didn't expect this group of girls to actually be educated, probably more so than him, on the topic. I have no problem with preaching, but the "God-embarrassing" part is when you're trying to shut people down and shame them into Christianity. I was pissed at the guy and I AM Christian! He was a bit like those televangelists....