Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Think It Smells Like Dirt!

I like wine but all the subtleties are completely lost on me. I have never been able to identify all the "hints" and "notes" that oenophiles like to wax poetic about. On the other hand, I'm a guy who knows a good beer when he tastes one.

It turns out that wine connoisseurs are probably just making it all up anyway. My son, Jake, sent me this article at Telegraph.co.uk says,
Now there is scientific evidence to suggest that wine buffs may just be talking rubbish, or at least that they greatly overestimate their own ability to pin down a wine's particular aroma.

So, as a public service to my readers, (all one of you) let me break this down just a bit further . . .

Wine snobs = Don't know what they're talking about so they just bullshit their way through things. ("Mmmm, a hint of citrus with almost an oak-like aroma mixed with a bit of vanilla and maybe a snippet of that meteorite that came down in Peru and made everyone throw up.")

Beer snobs = Know what they're talking about cuz they can keep it simple ("Boy, that's hoppy!" or "I love the cool foam on a pint of Guinness" or "Crap all that beer went right through me. I gotta pee.")

You can thank me later . . .

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