Monday, November 6, 2006

Feeling A Little Less Haggard

Patton Dodd, a pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs (yep, Ted Haggard's church) has written a great article entitled Blessed Are Those Who Mourn for BeliefNet that gives some really great insight into some of what has been going on there this past week or so. It's easy (especially for a jerk like me) to pass judgement too quickly in situations like these. No matter what you've heard and what you think, you should read this article before saying one word to anyone about this unfortunate situation.


Mark Pritchard said...

Okay, I read it. And I think it's spin.

Contrary to what Dodd says, the investigation into Ted Haggard's malfeseance is not over. On Sunday Larry Stockstill announced his panel would be examining Haggard's computer hard drive and the church's finances. More important, Stockstill said he thought Haggard was still not being completely honest with them: "Despite the heartfelt letter Ted Haggard wrote to his congregation, leaders at the former pastor's church believe he is still being deceptive about the extent of his sexual activity, the Rev. Larry Stockstill said Sunday."

So which is it?

Peter Milliron said...

Good points. I guess I am just feeling for folks who live and work at New Life Church. Ted Haggard may be as weaselly as they come but I need to be careful not to paint those who are part of that community with the same brush . . .