Thursday, November 2, 2006

Bet He's Really Feeling Haggard Now

I'm a long way from figuring out if this story true, false or something in between but isn't it amazing how often that evangelical leaders - especially those that spend a lot of time talking about sexual sin - end up embroiled in some kind of sexual scandal? I guess what they say is true - the more time you spend focusing on sex, the more likely you are to stumble. So, just like it's a good idea to stay away from porn, it's also a good idea - especially if you're in ministry - to stay about a million miles away ever talking about "sexual sin." My suggestion would be to focus on something the Bible spends a lot more time on than sex.

Um, yeah, I coulda been a bit off the mark on this one. See my post "Feeling A Little Less Haggard" above.

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Thomas said...

I've heard it said that we teach what we have to learn.