Thursday, June 1, 2006

Mistaken Identity!

This is a story that is too hard to believe. You may remember hearing about the crash that killed four Taylor University students, and a university employee, a month or so ago. Yesterday it was announced (5 weeks after the crash, mind you) that a girl who had previously been identified as a fatality in the crash was, in fact, alive. As this article in the Indianapolis Star states, "the coroner's office said one of the Taylor University students killed in the crash was Whitney E. Cerak, a Taylor University student from Gaylord, Mich., when in fact it was Laura J. VanRyn, of Caledonia, Mich." As you can imagine, one family's overwhelming joy in discovering their daughter was alive - even though they had already held a memorial service for her a few weeks ago - was overshadowed by another's overwhelming grief in finding out there daughter was not alive and recovering in the hospital but had been killed in the crash.

If you want to read some of the thoughts of each of the families, check out the blog that Laura VanRyn's family put together - and that now includes posts from Whitney Cerak's family.

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