Saturday, June 25, 2005

We Love White Kids. And Only White Kids!

As usual, we Americans went nuts this week over a young Boy Scout lost in the woods AND we're obsessed about a high school girl who has turned up missing in Aruba. But gee, how come no one seems all that interested in the three boys found dead in the trunk of a car today? Hmmm . . . I wonder why? Oh wait! I know! The Boy Scout and the girl missing in Aruba are white and the three little boys, well, they're only Latinos.

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:| raven |: said...

i followed that story at work and was devastated when i read that they were found in the trunk of a car next to the yard they were last seen in.

i haven't read anything today about this .. but is it possible the trunk was unlocked ... that they crawled in it to hide / they were playing .. it somehow closed .. and they suffocated?

this was horrible .. i was reading when it had just happened on MSNBC .... it gave me a cold chill ....