Friday, June 24, 2005

The Rock That Doesn't Roll

Larry Norman is the granddaddy of Christian Rock and Roll. After becoming a Christian in 1973, I discovered that his music was not only tolerable but (amazingly for Christian music at the time), actually dang good. I loved songs like, I Wish We'd All Been Ready and The Rock That Doesn't Roll. It was Christian Rock & Roll in a time when those in the Christian music business didn't have clue one about what it should look or sound like.

It turns out that Larry Norman is playing his last concert ever tonight in Salem, Oregon. That's his current (and my former) hometown. I wish I had found out before just a few minutes ago cuz I woulda been there! I guess I'll just have to settle for this article and interview in the Salem Statesman Journal.

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TIMMY D said...

Hi! My name is Tim DeMoss. I’m a disc jockey from Pennsylvania and am in the process of writing Larry Norman’s biography. While I have a lot of material from interviews, time spent with Larry, and so forth, I believe a great way to tell his story is to invite others (like yourself) to share their stories of Larry as well. I did a “Yahoo” search, and your link/blog was one of those listed, so I wanted to extend the invitation to you to contribute. Personal interactions, concert experiences, how his music affected you and your friends/family, rumors you may have heard, questions you may have—those are all examples of how you might participate.

The details and background are at Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Please also feel free to forward this on to anyone you believe would a) like to submit their thoughts or questions or b) simply be made aware of the biography’s progress and completion.

Thanks very much!


Tim DeMoss