Thursday, May 19, 2005

Please Heal His Hair

I think Benny Hinn (and many other "evangelists" of his ilk - such as Paul Crouch, Joyce Meyer, etc.) are a boil on the butt of real, genuine Christian ministries. In fact, I always say if these guys are gonna be in heaven, I don't wanna go. Anyway, good old Benny says the Holy Spirit told him to go Nigeria to heal the huge rift that has developed between Muslims and Christians. Apparently the Holy Spirit doesn't know what he's doing - OR MAYBE Benny Hinn is a big fat liar - because things didn't turn out quite as Benny had hoped. I could go on but you should really just read this story from SOMA titled, Holy Spirit Gives Benny Hinn a Bum Steer. And try not to laugh too hard!

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