Sunday, May 1, 2005


Here's something clever I saw at Nothing In Particular. Feel free to play along, if you like!

The rules are: Copy and paste this list into your blog. Keep the bands you have seen and add an asterisk (*) after their name. Erase any bands you have not seen and replace them with ones you have until you reach 25.

1. U2 (A week ago today!)
2. Doobie Brothers (twice)
3. Norah Jones
4. Lyle Lovett
5. Beach Boys*
6. Fleetwood Mac*
7. Bonnie Raitt (twice)
8. Sting
9. Boston
10. Sammy Hagar*
11. James Taylor
12. Steve Miller Band
13. Hall & Oates
14. Earth, Wind & Fire (twice)
15. Harry Connick, Jr.
16. John Michael Montgomery
17. Royal Crown Revue
18. Chuck Mangione (four times)
19. Kenny Loggins (twice)
20. Dan Fogelberg
21. Manhattan Transfer (twice)
22. Take 6
23. Ella Fitzgerald
24. Kenny G (and yes, I am ashamed of myself)
25. dc Talk

Thanks Raven! (Although it appears we don't have too many in common!)

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:| raven |: said...

i would have loved to have seen Boston ... i forgot i saw the Steve Miller band ... Harry Connick Jr would be great ... i was going to see Dan Fogelberg several times but each time he came here to Colorado he'd always get strep throat and cancel ... so i gave up trying ... don't be ashamed of Kenny G .. i saw Neil Diamond!!! i would LOVE to see dc Talk .... AND i really want to see Third Day .....